About Vidilab

Vidilab is the leading laboratory in Scandinavia in veterinary parasitological faecal samples. The company employ 12 people year -round and another 25-30 in season.

Today Vidilab is the largest actor in veterinary parasitological faecal samples in Scandinavia accepting samples from both larger companies and private consumers, as well as being the service laboratory for the Swedish Animal Health Service, performing more parasitological faecal samples (from sheep, horses, cattle and pigs) than any other laboratory in Scandinavia.

Vidilab provide several test kits for animals, for more information about these please see our webshop.

A brief history of Vidilab

1997: The laboratory was founded as a part of the Swedish Animal Health Service.

2001: The laboratory moved from the National Veterinary Institute’s facilities to Swedish Meats property in Uppsala.

2002: In February the company Vidilab was founded taking over the laboratory and in November the laboratory was moved from Uppsala to Enköping.

2005: kollamasken, a parasitological faecal sample kit for horses, was introduced to the market.

2006: In need of larger premises the laboratory was moved to Stenvreten , also in Enköping, where it is still located today.

2007: Vidilab is accredited according to standard ISO 17025.

2008: Vidilab and Strömsholms Veterinary Care in conjuncture founded Enköpings Djurklinik.

2012: Vidilab became the sole proprietor of Enköpings Djurklinik.

It is located in Enköping, 70 km west of Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact the laboratory.

Telephone: +46 171 441 260

Fax: +46 171 441 261

Email: info@vidilab.se